Sales Pros – How to shine in a 30-second resume review.

We have all heard that resumes don’t get read as much as scanned and 30 seconds seems to be the headline number that a gets thrown about for recruiter-resume review time. I think that this figure is pretty accurate for

Balance in Sales comp negotiations: Candidates take note, it isn’t a free for all!

I have written about new laws in NYC that prevent employers from asking candidates about previous comp or W2 earnings. These laws aim to reduce inequality with the idea being that you pay someone what they are worth, rather than an uplift

Career choices & long-term comp transparency

I recently read a good article by Jana Rich of Rich Talent Group about the drive for equal pay for women. In that article, Jana predicts that within 5 years we will have complete comp transparency. Jana suggests a couple of solutions

US Market Entry Checklist for foreign startups

I spoke at an angel investor conference in Ireland last week organized by HBAN, the umbrella group that organizes angel networks in Ireland. I was there to talk about Irish-American affinity investing and about how I helped co-found the Digital Irish

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