Feargall Kenny

Executive Recruiter, Founder
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Feargall Kenny founded Glenborn Corporation in 2009. He has always been a connector and, with his previous background in startup sales and sales management, setting up Glenborn with an initial focus on recruiting for the sales function with VC and Growth Stage firms was a logical progression. His thought leadership for both candidates and clients alike can be seen regularly on Glenborn's blogs and Linkedin posts.

Feargall previously served as Sales Director for innovative startups KickApps (social media), Attributor (digital content tracking) and Equinix (hosting) where he was responsible for establishing their Eastern Seaboard Presence. At BT Global Services, Feargall managed the finance sector sales team targeting buy and sell side financial institutions an consistently ranked highest in overall revenue performance across the Americas for 3 straight years.

Feargall also is a savvy entrepreneur and in 2005  conceived and built the innovative citizen photojournalist agency, Citizen Image. In 2012 at Glenborn, created a cutting-edge recruiting platform called Hiresignals that was built on top of Linkedin and gave candidates a secret way to declare their job search status for recruiters on that platform. LinkedIn deemed it competitive and shut it down that year and launched the same functionality as their own feature in 2016. in 2014 Glenborn launched JobElevation - a visual job search engine that is a mashup of industry ecosystems and Indeed job listings.

Feargall is actively involved in the NY startup and Technology community. He is the founder and president of the Digital Irish Group (www.Digitalirish.com) Irish group which hosts events in NYC every 2 months, has 5,000 members and has helped 250+ Irish firms with their US expansion plans. He is also co-founder of Digital Irish Angels, is a regular speaker at recruitment and sales events, and has close ties with both the NY Venure Capital Communities.

Feargall graduated from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland with a degree in Marketing and International Business. He has been in the US since 1994.

You can reach him at feargall@glenborn.com

Joe Recchia

Executive Recruiter
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Joe joined our firm in late 2021 after retiring with over 40 years of successful technology sales as both an individual contributor and a sales leader in both small early stage start-ups to larger publicly traded companies. His background and experience spans across ERP, CRM, Ecommerce and CX.

What separates Joe from others recruiters is that he has interviewed hundreds of candidates from the other side of the desk and because of this has an uncanny ability to align the right candidate with the right job and company based on their background, level of experience and most importantly what the candidate is interested in, so there is no waste of time for the candidate and the company in chasing opportunities that won't pan out.

He is very straight-forward in his approach and if there is not a good fit he will let you know. Because of this has a very high placement rate making this a win-win for both the candidate and company we represent.

You can reach him at joe@glenborn.com

Marisa Allan

Executive Recruiter
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Marisa connects great people with awesome companies to build careers and generate desired results. As an experienced tech leader, Marisa understands the magic that happens when you put the right people in the right place. For her, recruiting is a mix of intelligent data-driven mining and a deeply human touch. From seasoned executives to rising stars, it is critical that she understands the ambitions, values and aspirations of her candidates and clients to ensure we all find the win-win-win. 

Marisa's professional mission is to place the best female and underrepresented minorities in the space. She helps her clients build inclusive and highly qualified workforces by focusing searches around gender and diversity first, and overlaying table stakes skills. Marisa is dedicated to advising her clients and advocating for candidates on competitive market value. She is committed to helping ensure employers pay and candidates earn at parity, regardless of gender or ethnicity.

After years on Wall Street and then NYC tech startups, she discovered her underlying passion is helping build productive teams of outstanding people.  Recruiting with her long-term mentor, recruiter and trusted friend, Feargall Kenny, has been a natural next step.

Along with the Glenborn team, she strives to operate with the utmost integrity and a long-term view because she knows that as my candidates and clients win, so will we. When she is not working, she is hanging out with her husband and two children, volunteering for the PA, visiting NY’s galleries and museums and enjoying all things Bravo.

You can reach her at marisa@glenborn.com

Polly Lieberman

You can reach her at polly@glenborn.com

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