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Glenborn focuses on candidates that sit in the sales function in select industries



Glenborn Corporation specializes in the placement of sales and client services professionals who sell SaaS platforms in Marketing, Ecommerce, CX and Enterprise Workflow technologies. Here is why Glenborn is the right executive search company to partner with in your search:

Functional knowledge. Unlike other search firms, at Glenborn you can be comforted in the knowledge that we have walked in your shoes through our direct Sales and Client Services experience at both large enterprises and startups. All of our recruiters have at least 15 years of SaaS sales and/or sales management experience.

Industry expertise. We know the industries we serve intimately – the competitive landscape and the positioning of clients within that ecosystem. We are borderline obsessed (!) with ecosystems like Luma and Chief Martec and leverage those constantly.

• Focus on YOUR career progression. We help you identify the key themes and patterns in your background that help you understand where you best fit – in functional, industry and vertical orientation terms – and how your next career move will impact on those patterns as well as your career & financial progression.

Cutting edge tools. We are constantly innovating with great ways for you to discover jobs and be discovered. Check out, for example, as a way to highlight your prior performance. We also created the Jobelevation platform for a great way to do a visual job search with a mashup of the Lumascapes and Indeed listings. Finally, we built Hiresignals – a secret way to show your job search status to recruiters on Linkedin-  which was shut down by Linkedin in 2012 as they deemed it competitive. It took them 4 more years to build something as cool as that!

Professional and Confidential. We are highly discrete and professional.

Interview Guidance. At Glenborn we coach you on interview preparation and maximize your chances of succeeding.

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