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How to work effectively with contingency agencies & protect your employer brand

image courtesy of mufidah kassalias on flickr – As a recruiter in the contingency space, Glenborn takes on roles from clients and only gets paid when we successfully place candidates. This is generally a good deal for the client

Why recruiters hate the inbound resume pile (and how you can avoid it)

Like most recruiters we have experimented with a lot of methods of finding candidates both reactively and proactively. One thing we have concluded is that inbound resumes from our own website, aggregator site “organic” listings or from paid ad placement

Understanding Recruiter behavior 101 for candidates

Sometimes recruiters get a bad rap. Sometimes it is well deserved but often it is based on a simple misunderstanding of who we are working for. Yes we try and connect clients and candidates together but we explicitly work for

How to run a successful SaaS sales job hunt: a sales recruiter’s advice

Lately I have been doing a lot of automation, outsourcing and offshoring of the more repetitive recruiting tasks. One job that is harder to offload is the advice that I give to candidates embarking on a search. With candidates that are in my wheelhouse

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