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Evaluating Salespeople’s historical performance with NYC’s new Salary Fairness law.

Image courtesy of attribution to (on On Oct 31st a new NYC law around salary fairness goes into effect. The law says that you cannot ask a prospective candidate about their salary history. The intent is that you

Salary Negotiations – base/OTE ratios & the perils of being overpaid

Moving jobs is often the opportunity to improve your salary and your on-target earnings. For some who have been at their current firm too long without a raise it is often an opportunity to get marked to market rates. The

Balance in Sales comp negotiations: Candidates take note, it isn’t a free for all!

I have written about new laws in NYC that prevent employers from asking candidates about previous comp or W2 earnings. These laws aim to reduce inequality with the idea being that you pay someone what they are worth, rather than an uplift

Career choices & long-term comp transparency

I recently read a good article by Jana Rich of Rich Talent Group about the drive for equal pay for women. In that article, Jana predicts that within 5 years we will have complete comp transparency. Jana suggests a couple of solutions

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