McGregor parallels- confidence breeding confidence in Sales interviews.

I watched the McGregor-Mayweather fight on Saturday. I am not an MMA fan but it was fun to watch such a hyped event with a group. Even though the national anthems played and McGregor was draped in the Irish Tricolor,

Interview tips – 8 pointers to nail that mock sales pitch

Nothing quite unnerves even the most experienced of reps than the part of the interview process where you are asked to do a mock sales presentation. Fear not however –  There are a few tried and tested tips that can prepare you

Get prepared for tough questions from sales candidates

It’s a sales candidates’ market right now. Candidates have choice and you have serious competition for their attention. Just when you think you have a commitment from a candidate they are swept off their feet by another suitor and your

Gender, Race, and the loaded interview question for sellers: “What are your comp expectations?”​

I have been working for 11 years in the sales recruiting business having spent 15 years before that in sales and sales management roles. I have had comp conversations with thousands of candidates in that time. Up to a few

Sales Interview Advice: Nailing the 30, 60, 90-day plan

There is no doubt that interviewing for a new sales role can be exhausting….multiple firms, multiple rounds for each, and multiple excuses for those middle-of-the-day work absences. Then, at late stages, you get hit with the homework requests – You

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