Sales Resumes and Profiles: Being a Jack-of-all-trades gets you…Jack!

Image courtesy of Andrew Malone on Flickr – When I meet the founder of a compelling startup I often will try and introduce them to people that could be useful to them. I have one such person who is very

High-impact resume language for sellers

image courtesy of In August, Glenborn had it’s 7 year anniversary. In that time I have seen my fair share of sales resumes and linked profiles so I felt it was time to impart a bit of advice on some

Why recruiters hate the inbound resume pile (and how you can avoid it)

Like most recruiters we have experimented with a lot of methods of finding candidates both reactively and proactively. One thing we have concluded is that inbound resumes from our own website, aggregator site “organic” listings or from paid ad placement

Sales Pros – How to shine in a 30-second resume review.

We have all heard that resumes don’t get read as much as scanned and 30 seconds seems to be the headline number that a gets thrown about for recruiter-resume review time. I think that this figure is pretty accurate for

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