Rating your SaaS-iness in Sales

At Glenborn we represent platform plays in marketing and commerce technology. All of the firms we work with offer their solution on SaaS basis (Software as a Service). Their solutions are hosted in the cloud (as opposed to loaded onto

How to run a successful SaaS sales job hunt: a sales recruiter’s advice

Lately I have been doing a lot of automation, outsourcing and offshoring of the more repetitive recruiting tasks. One job that is harder to offload is the advice that I give to candidates embarking on a search. With candidates that are in my wheelhouse

Sales Pros – How to shine in a 30-second resume review.

We have all heard that resumes don’t get read as much as scanned and 30 seconds seems to be the headline number that a gets thrown about for recruiter-resume review time. I think that this figure is pretty accurate for

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