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American Sports terminology in business for foreign startups

Image courtesy of Lee Balcom – The baseball World Series is reaching its climax. The Chicago Cubs are trying to break a 100 plus year drought against the Cleveland Indians who are suffering their own drought of about half


Photo credit: Jared Erondu (or how to market yourself from selling for a big Marketing cloud vendor to a niche VC-backed marketing tech company) Think you’re ready to leave the corporate nest? There is no doubt that grass often looks

Startup Founders: How to return to the real world of jobs and a paycheck

My First Startup About nine years ago I gave up my day job to work on my own startup with a partner. The firm was a complete departure from my previous experience (which was the first mistake – ahem!). The

Where there is room for bravery in sales hiring

It’s easy to stick with what you know. But stepping out of your comfort zone is often the best way to make progress. Rather than taking a chance on someone that doesn’t exactly fit the mould, sales managers often go

Your next big sales job move – Do you go corporate or go niche?

Choice is hard, especially in your job search. Sales candidates in marketing technology these days have more job options than they can handle. Look at how many firms there are in the Chief Martec diagrams or the LUMAscapes. Your next career choice will

Rating your SaaS-iness in Sales

At Glenborn we represent platform plays in marketing and commerce technology. All of the firms we work with offer their solution on SaaS basis (Software as a Service). Their solutions are hosted in the cloud (as opposed to loaded onto

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