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American Sports terminology in business for foreign startups

Image courtesy of Lee Balcom – The baseball World Series is reaching its climax. The Chicago Cubs are trying to break a 100 plus year drought against the Cleveland Indians who are suffering their own drought of about half

Startup Founders: How to return to the real world of jobs and a paycheck

My First Startup About nine years ago I gave up my day job to work on my own startup with a partner. The firm was a complete departure from my previous experience (which was the first mistake – ahem!). The

8 pointers for foreign HQd startups looking to start hiring in the US

At Glenborn we help earlier stage marketing and ecommerce Saas firms make their crucial sales hires – from CROs and VPs to senior individual contributors. Most of the firms we work with are NYC or SF based startups but about

US Market Entry Checklist for foreign startups

I spoke at an angel investor conference in Ireland last week organized by HBAN, the umbrella group that organizes angel networks in Ireland. I was there to talk about Irish-American affinity investing and about how I helped co-found the Digital Irish

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