1. Do your research on the connector so you have an idea in advance where they can help you and be VERY clear on your ask.

2. Help the connector think on your behalf. The more specific you are, the more memorable you will be and the more you will come to mind to the connector weeks after the initial meeting when they come across a great connection for you.

3. Eliminate the burden on the connector.

a. If you are looking for a job, give them a specific list of target firms and keep the list tight and logical to your career story. Also, focus on the overlap areas/firms with you and the connector. If you are looking for funding, identify which of your target VC firms you see the connector as an intermediary.

b. Write the introduction blurb for them in the first person so they can customize it – it is not their job to articulate your ask from scratch

4. Note-taking / Follow up is on you. This is less about power than it is about courtesy – you are asking for a favor. Follow up accordingly.

5. Provide feedback – especially if it is a good outcome. Connectors are in it for the fun of seeing good results. Again this is a courtesy. If the connector helped you get what you asked them for, thank them for it, and pay it forward.

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