Inside the mind of a sales recruiter on behalf of hiring managers…….
Worked example of an #esg -focused #saas#sales role
How we break down a search & prioritize who to go after.
This is based on a real-life opportunity – if you are a GOOD or GREAT match (see below), DM me on here.

Job spec – Hunting-oriented direct sales role. Enterprise deal size. SaaS. Remote. EST Time zone based. Tristate preferred. MEDDIC or similar methodology.
Solution – ESG platform around risk/opportunity/compliance in news and regulatory updates.
Horizontal elements in the platform: NLP, AI, Business Intelligence
Vertical – CPG/Manufacturing firms
Personas – ESG, Compliance, Investor relations, Public relations, Finance

What we look for
(assuming matches for function, location, SaaS experience)
GREAT – Selling COMPETING ESG solutions to ESG or Compliance heads in CPG firms
GOOD – Selling COMPETING ESG solutions to the same personas in another vertical – e.g. financial services .
GOOD – Selling RELATED solutions (eg GRC, Vendor Risk Management Solutions) to same personas in CPG firms
DECENT Selling RELATED solutions to a different vertical/personas. eg selling GRC to Financial services firms
OK – Selling matching HORIZONTAL tech solutions (eg Social listening for NLP match) to CPG (better) or other verticals

What can enhance the above or help if none of that is present*
1. Having worked in the role of the targeted persona and converted to sales.
2. Having worked in the vertical and converted to sales.
3. Having personal experience/passion for the space. This could come from side hustles, passion projects, educational background

What if none of the above is present?
We aren’t going after you (sorry!)

* Recruiters will only use these elements to enhance matches in other areas.

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