Getting promoted into Sales management: Paths and pitfalls

Photo courtesy of Anthony on Flickr – Here’s some really basic advice – If you are looking to get promoted into a sales management role, you should focus on getting promoted where you are currently working rather than trying to achieve

Sales Pros – Vetting your prospective employer in earlier stage SaaS firms 

image from (scott norebbo) The startup economy, somewhat ironically, is pretty unforgiving when it comes to short tenures with candidates. In sales, this can be your fault for not producing the numbers or the firm’s (impeding your way to


Photo credit: Jared Erondu (or how to market yourself from selling for a big Marketing cloud vendor to a niche VC-backed marketing tech company) Think you’re ready to leave the corporate nest? There is no doubt that grass often looks

Startup Founders: How to return to the real world of jobs and a paycheck

My First Startup About nine years ago I gave up my day job to work on my own startup with a partner. The firm was a complete departure from my previous experience (which was the first mistake – ahem!). The

Candidate Reputation Management: Plan for back-hand reference checks!

Reference checks are still a crucial part of the job search process but official reference checks are by definition flawed in the favor of the candidate given who they are sourced from (!). Hiring companies also generally have to largely

5 reasons why External Recruiters are invaluable to candidates

Recently I contacted an old candidate contact that had just taken a new job. He hadn’t called me before making the move so I called him to give him a gentle drubbing about not reaching out to get my assistance

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