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Hitting up your network for connections for jobs, funding, customers? Advice from a life-long connector.

1. Do your research on the connector so you have an idea in advance where they can help you and be VERY clear on your ask. 2. Help the connector think on your behalf. The more specific you are, the

Sourcing SaaS sales pros: Thoughts around pulling services sellers into SaaS sales roles

SaaS companies, as a general rule, don’t pull from services firms in their ecosystems (consultancies, agencies, integrators). We think this is shortsighted. In the past year, we have worked on a few service plays and it opened our eyes a

How do you risk-assess a move to a sales role in firms that skew earlier-stage?

The last few weeks have shown that a sales pro’s job safety isn’t exactly aligned with larger companies these days given layoffs at SF, Oracle, Facebook, and others. So what should you be filtering for in earlier firms? Do remember

Marketing Tech SaaS Sales Hiring Snobbery

#martech #sales #hiring: How SaaS-y are you in the eyes of a hiring manager? Useful lessons on hiring mangers’ perceptions especially for #adtech folks looking to convert to purer #saas sales…..

The Four Horsemen of the Tech Recession

Ben Thompson from Stratechery on the 4 horsemen of the tech recession.I like 3 of these 4 for more things to add job evaluation criteria on how your target employer might be more or less recession-prone or proof. Is the company…..1. Downstream from

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