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Hitting up your network for connections for jobs, funding, customers? Advice from a life-long connector.

1. Do your research on the connector so you have an idea in advance where they can help you and be VERY clear on your ask. 2. Help the connector think on your behalf. The more specific you are, the

Sourcing SaaS sales pros: Thoughts around pulling services sellers into SaaS sales roles

SaaS companies, as a general rule, don’t pull from services firms in their ecosystems (consultancies, agencies, integrators). We think this is shortsighted. In the past year, we have worked on a few service plays and it opened our eyes a

Marketing Tech SaaS Sales Hiring Snobbery

#martech #sales #hiring: How SaaS-y are you in the eyes of a hiring manager? Useful lessons on hiring mangers’ perceptions especially for #adtech folks looking to convert to purer #saas sales…..

Advice to those recently let go from Salesforce

Firstly – I want to acknowledge that what you are going through is rough. It will get better but these first few days are brutal. None of what follows is meant to diminish that. Here goes…. CompetitionAs harsh as this

Why use sales recruiters in an employers’ market?

Reason #1. This is what an internal sales recruiter’s inbox currently looks like and, oh, a Brain-eating, will-less, and speechless human isn’t on the job spec. The ideal candidate is out there but they are too afraid to open the door…. #avoidthenoise #targetedoutboundrecruiting #walkingdead.

How to proactively search for a job in SaaS sales.

Given the news of some more layoffs this week, here is a simple guide on taking control of a search if you are new to the market. This isn’t rocket science. In fact, there are crazy parallels to a seller’s

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