Let’s talk about SLAs for the sales hiring process …Part 1 of 2: the Hiring firm side

It is high time for target Service Level Agreements in the tech sales hiring process…but before all sellers get all militant, pull their placards out, and organize a candidate march, I actually think that these SLAs should apply to BOTH

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave!” – Lies and Spin from candidates in sales recruiting.

I always liked this saying (and I paraphrase): “Never lie because then you never have to remember what you said to anyone”. Remembering what lies you told to who can be tricky and is likely to trip you up eventually so,

Sellers: Are you a Meryl Streep or a Jennifer Aniston? Typecasting in sales and how to avoid it

Meryl Streep was up for her 20th Oscar nomination last night.  She has shown unbelievable range across her career. Jennifer Aniston presented an award last night but hasn’t yet been nominated. Part of the reason for this is typecasting. Jennifer tends to

6 risks to not embracing fully or partially remote sales professionals

Last week I had dinner with one of my clients and 3 of his reps that we had placed in his firm over the past 6 months. We started talking about differentiators of his firm as an employer in the eyes

Evaluating Salespeople’s historical performance with NYC’s new Salary Fairness law.

Image courtesy of attribution to seniorguidance.org (on flickr.com) On Oct 31st a new NYC law around salary fairness goes into effect. The law says that you cannot ask a prospective candidate about their salary history. The intent is that you

McGregor parallels- confidence breeding confidence in Sales interviews.

I watched the McGregor-Mayweather fight on Saturday. I am not an MMA fan but it was fun to watch such a hyped event with a group. Even though the national anthems played and McGregor was draped in the Irish Tricolor,

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