American Sports terminology in business for foreign startups

Image courtesy of Lee Balcom – The baseball World Series is reaching its climax. The Chicago Cubs are trying to break a 100 plus year drought against the Cleveland Indians who are suffering their own drought of about half

High-impact resume language for sellers

image courtesy of In August, Glenborn had it’s 7 year anniversary. In that time I have seen my fair share of sales resumes and linked profiles so I felt it was time to impart a bit of advice on some

Sales Pros – Vetting your prospective employer in earlier stage SaaS firms 

image from (scott norebbo) The startup economy, somewhat ironically, is pretty unforgiving when it comes to short tenures with candidates. In sales, this can be your fault for not producing the numbers or the firm’s (impeding your way to

Recruiter Pet Peeves: No-nos on Personal Profile Pics, emails and voicemails

Photo by Philip Dehm – Polished, professional, poised…..that’s generally the impression most candidates want to give to their prospective employers. We all know how to do that in person….dress well and appropriately for the interview, offer positive body language,


Photo credit: Jared Erondu (or how to market yourself from selling for a big Marketing cloud vendor to a niche VC-backed marketing tech company) Think you’re ready to leave the corporate nest? There is no doubt that grass often looks

How to Solve Some of the Frustrations of Candidate-Recruiter Relationships

Both candidates and recruiters occasionally experience frustration when it comes to their relationships. Poor recruiters and unprofessional candidates aside, I think it is worth clearing the air. Oftentimes, the people on both sides of the equation have good intentions but

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