(or why I built JobElevation.com!)
In their day jobs sales people have no issue proatively hunting for clients. Most have a fairly robust process around doing so – they research target industries and companies that are a good match for their employers’ solutions, they prioritize certain firms to target as low-hanging fruit, they identify their connections in those firms and then start their outreach through those connections to avoid a purely cold call entry into that company. All pretty logical it seems. So why then don’t these sales hunters take such a methodical proactive approach when looking for a job?

Well, ironically, despite the full information on jobs, companies and industries out there, it seems like it is still simply too hard! Salespeople get frustrated with being forced to go to disparate websites to find and research their next great company and role so they wait for recruiters to call and hope for a match. All the information they need is there but is spread out across multiple websites. If you were to guide a saleperson on an approach to get proactive instead it would look like this:

  1. Use LumascapeChief Martec and other industry landscape documents to see the ecosystems they were in and the ones that were of interest to them. If you are unfamiliar with them, those diagrams look like this (click on the chief martec link above for the original)…
  2. Come up with a target list of firms in those ecosystems
  3. Search and review Job listings in those companies on Indeed
  4. Further Research those companies on Crunchbase and on their websites
  5. Use Linkedin and Facebook to identify their connections to those firms. As for an introduction to the target firm through a recruiter or other connection.

This is a highly effective process but it takes way too much effort to carry it out so salespeople lose interest. We thought there had to be a better way to automate these steps so we decided to build Job Elevation for the benefit of candidates.

Job Elevation allows you to follow those steps in one place with an inutive visual approach to job search. They start with the grid (see title image above), select the areas of interest and then see the companies that match those selections below.

They can then research the companies and the eocsystems (see below)

and track followed jobs, companies and ecosystems in a worksheet (with email updates to back that up) per below:

Sales pros certainly don’t wait for the phone to ring in your day job so why do the same in their hunt for a great opportunity? We encourage you to visualize your next sales opportunity with Job Elevation and we look forward to hearing your feedback.

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